It is a common question.

Kyoto Electric Bicycle Rental "Kyo no Raku Chari"


Q1.Why do we need to show you ID?

A1.To prevent bicycle theft.

Q2.Are there any bicycles for children?

A2.Yes, but no electrics.

Q3.Are there any attachable baby seats ?

A3.Yes. It for ages 1 to 3. (For children who can sit down the small seats.)?

We have some helmets. (rental costs:200yen.)

Q4.Is it possible to keep the bicycle over 2 days?

A4.In principle, we rent bicycles for one day only. With advance reservations

and payment in advance, and if you return each day for battery recharging,

it is?possible for multi-day rentals. Please inquire for details.

Q5.About the time system?

A5.We are open from 9am to 5pm.

It is not 24 hours. If you want to keep the bicycle longer, please ask us.

Q6.How long does the battery in electric bicycles last?

A6.A fully charged battery can power these bikes for up to 25 kilometers,

more in eco-mode.

Q7.Can we drop off the bicycle anywhere?

A7.No. Please come back to Kyo no raku chari by 5pm.

Thank you.

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