Delivery and Pick-up Service (With charge)

For extra charge, we will deliver your rental bikes to your accommodation or our shop designated parking lots and pick them up after rental. Why not make your trip more convenient with this package?


●We will deliver the bikes to your accommodation. After using it, please lock the bikes and leave the keys at the front of your accommodation. We will come to collect the bikes.
●You can rent from Higashiyama Sanjo Shop and we can pick them up around Kyoto Station parking lot area when return.
●We can deliver the bikes to you around Saga Arashiyama Station early in the morning and you can return them to Kyoto Station Nanajo Shop when finish.

Additonal pricing

Within 30 minutes from Kyoto Station Nanajo Shop (delivery is unavailable in some areas)
Delivery only: 500yen/bicycle
Pick-up only: 500yen/bicycle
Delivery and Pick-up: 1,000yen/bicycle

Rental and Return location